Taking Jesus as He is

Our one and only Higher Power, Jesus Christ, is a loving, caring, compassionate, faithful, and forgiving Lord and Savior that wants to meet us as we are no matter where we are...

to people

Christ has commissioned each of us who believe in Him to take His message to all people, no matter who they are or where they are. We are not the ones who get to choose...

as they are...

We choose to put our faith into action by taking Jesus, using the 12 Step and 8 Principles of Celebrate Recovery®, inside to the prisoners incarcerated in facilities throughout...

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Testimonies: Stories of healing and hope.

Since I have been in Celebrate Recovery I have built a relationship with God again as well as others. I have forgiven myself for my sins, and all of the hurt I’ve caused to others during my destruction. I have now realized that all of the changes I have been making in my life has been God working in me...

Tracy Sanchez

Celebrate Recovery has awakened the perspectives of my life that I had been ignoring for many years. It has started the changes I needed to live a life of success and happiness. It has taught me many different things about being connected with God and living a life with God...

Caitlyn Case

No matter how things turn out, no matter what choices are made and the results that come from the decisions the days ahead will bring, one thing is clear, with God in your life, success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached as by the obstacles which one has overcome...

Catherine Boyer

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Fowler Helps Women With Their New Beginnings
Fowler Helps Women with New Beginnings

Lisa Fowler first attended Celebrate Recovery in prison because she heard it could help her following her release. Years later, Fowler is still in CR as a leader and CR Inside State Rep who assists women with their re-entry after being incarcerated or in rehabilitation.

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Why are so many women in prison?

One-Third of the World's Women in Prison Have One Striking Thing in Common. They're locked up in the United States. All 201,200 of them.

Brave New Films recently aired an educational short that claimed the following: Not only are a significant percentage of women pregnant when imprisoned, more than 70% are also the primary caregivers of at least two minors.

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