Dutch Christian Television Films Graduation at Jess Dunn

Jess Dunn Men's Correctional Center Taft, OK

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David Jones, OK CR Inside State Rep
Thursday, 19 July 2012

Early in 2012, our National Director, Hector Lozano, was contacted by David Hammelburg, a producer for EO Dutch Television, the evangelical network in the Netherlands, about producing a segment on Celebrate Recovery in US prisons. They were looking to combine a graduation with a worship service, testimony, and interviews with individual inmates who've participated in Celebrate Recovery Inside (CRI). Hector in turn, reached out to his State Reps to see who had an upcoming graduation, and if any of the other needs could be met for the producer's objectives. After some snags were encountered at what would have been some ideal locations as well, it was determined that Jess Dunn Correctional Center (JDCC) in Taft, OK, would be best for meeting the goals set forth by the production team.

So began a steady stream of e mails between our CRI team, Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC), and David, who is based out of New York. I can tell you this: The assistance and cooperation provided to us and the producers from ODOC, Chaplain James Remer, and Sheryl Bryan, media coordinator for the facility was invaluable. What would be required is for the crew to be able to spend two days filming scenes around the prison yard, interviews with CRI leaders and Hector, and follow some of the inmate participants through their day, in addition to the graduation event.

Can you see how God's hand would need to be entirely in this endeavor to have any success, given that the time frame was but a few weeks, and those of you who've experienced these types of things know, that they move along at the speed of well… DOC. But we serve a mighty God, Amen? Everything came down to the wire, and even when details appeared as if they might have to be scrapped, God remained faithful to His promises. "With my help, governors govern, along with all in legitimate authority." (Taken from Proverbs 8, The Message).

On Saturday, Jan 28, 2012, Hector flew into Oklahoma from the West Coast, while David and his crew, who themselves had just flown in from Europe, came here from the East Coast. Together we had an enjoyable dinner at Guapo's (Spanish for "handsome guy's") Restaurant in Tulsa Ok, and had the opportunity to share a Mexican meal and the vision of CR Inside with our new friends from Holland and discuss the plans for the two days they would be spending on the prison yard.

The entire event was a great success, and it went off without a hitch… thank you, Jesus! Please enjoy the photos from this event, then watch the video… yes there are some "sensationalized" video techniques, zooming the camera in and out on the razor wire, and drumming in the sound track, but it's very easy to follow, despite being mostly in Dutch. The interviews, however, are in English (with Dutch subtitles). Enjoy!

David Jones

Watch the video here: